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Let us start by telling you all about the different types of people who work at Cardlay. Our team is a great mixture of 9 different nationalities with different levels of experience.
From our development team, who geek out over the latest news and trends within development, to senior c-levels with some pretty bad dad humor. Yes, we have a very diverse team, but something most of us have in common is our love for burgers. We mean, who doesn't love a great burger?

Working at Cardlay means you are working on something very awesome, making life easier for businesses by driving effortless spend. That's right, we want to make an impact on how businesses use cards, payments and expense handling. We believe that it should be digitized, intelligent and effortless. Who wants to spend time doing boring paperwork, no one!

Become part of a journey with a global vision, working with some of the world’s largest strategic players within payment innovation. Based on our latest funding, we're scaling fast, so if you are up for the challenge, apply now!

We love challenges - and hire the best.

We continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything we do. And we do it together.

We are looking exactly for YOU if you have that high level toolbox and the Cardlay-factor mindset. See you soon!

We love bringing Cardlay all around the world.

We believe in being fair and square.

We have some pretty awesome benefits, here's some:

Pension + health insurance

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Work/life balance

Flexible work hours and locations. We provide home office equipment for everyone.

Catered lunch + free drinks

Enjoy a great meal, snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Continual education & career opportunities

Education and courses opportunities for everyone.

Employer wellness

Enjoy the many benefits of free massage therapy.

Company card

Avoid out-of-pocket expenses with your own company card.

We love burgers

We love burgers so much that we decided to do our own burger magazine. A magazine where we review burgers for everyone’s joy. Do you know of a great burger place, we haven’t yet tried? Write a review and get the burger for free.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Burger Magazine

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We will trade you a magazine for your permission to let us email you when we have something we just HAVE to share with you. Is that ok?

Then fill out the form and "Get that magazine!"

No lone wolves here!

At Cardlay, everybody is part of a team. Why, you might ask?

Simply because 2 minds think better than one. Working together in teams increase our ability to generate ideas and create better business results. When we work together, we learn faster and we keep each other motivated. Meet our teams here.

Development team description:

Our development team consists of 4 teams that deliver platform and functionality to our clients.

Our teams believe in Lean, Agile, DevOps, Cloud, continuous deployment as well as trust, freedom and responsibility for the team and individual employee.

Commercial team description:

Our commercial team consists of 5 different areas; Marketing, Sales, E-learning, Customer Success and Support.

All making sure that Cardlay’s products are well-known and our clients are getting as much value out of our products as possible.

Product teams description:

Our product team strive to build products easily accessible, intuitive and joyful for all users. Working on a mission to support the core workflow of our everyday users in a fast and efficient manner. Automating as many of the time consuming tasks as possible. Always focusing on user experience enables Cardlay to also meet the needs of our ad hoc end users, without burdening them with heavy training material. They can simply just get started.

Operations & Security team description:

Our Operations and Security team are responsible for both internal and external IT setup and security. While running our applications in a modern cloud based AWS setup, we are still compliant to payment security frameworks like PCI-DSS. We set up all our infrastructure by code, and have a fully containerized solution based on a microservice architecture. We truly believe in DevOpsSec and see this as an integral part of supporting our full stack teams.

Compliance & legal team description:

Our compliance & legal team builds and maintains our governance and compliance framework and makes sure we are on top of FinTech regulations and requirements.


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Get full control and visibility into company spending, avoid time-consuming paperwork and make life easier for all your employees.

  • Control company spending upfront

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Want to get full control and visibility into company spending, avoid time-consuming paperwork and make life easier for all your employees? Book a demo now

  • Control company spending upfront

  • No subscription or set-up fees

  • PCI-DSS compliant