Our partnerships

Our partnerships

We deliver strong value and direct business case impact

New revenue streams

  • Attractive revenue share model of services fees
  • Vattax share of EU VAT reclaims

Strategic value

  • Market differentiation
  • Faster and scaleable tech solutions and go-to-market
  • Access to innovative and specialist talent pool

Indirect gains

  • Attract more clients in the market
  • Secure stickiness and retention of current clients
  • Increase customer and cardholder satisfaction
  • Optimization of corporate processes

Core business impact

  • Higher adoption of virtual and conventional cards
  • Increased spending volume
  • Reduced servicing cost from digitalization

Our partnership with SAP Concur exists to create a strong offering for large corporations. Our white-label card management and payment solution integrates directly to SAP Concur’s back-end systems. The partnership with SAP Concur is the first of its kind globally. The vision is to leapfrog payment innovation and expense handling for large corporations. In this way, substituting the vast majority of cash and private card expenses with commercial cards, and optimizing the user journey for millions of corporate employees. The Payment Cloud offers a new powerful tool for bank’s corporate clients to give full control, overview and a seamless experience of card management and expense reconciliation in real-time.

SAP Concur is committed to reinventing travel, expense, and invoice management with tools that simplify everyday processes and create better experiences. SAP Concur develops technology that automates and integrates travel, expense, and invoice management. SAP Concur solutions simplify spend management and help organizations operate in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

Learn more about SAP Concur here

Our partnership with FIS is securing the digital connectivity to serve user's needs, we are also ensuring a short time to market and a full go-to-market support solution for banks and issuers.
Together we are now offering commercial banks and card issuers a full digital infrastructure and front-end services for physical and virtual cards and payment handling out-of-the-box.

The vision is to leapfrog commercial cards and payment innovation and expense handling for banks and their corporate clients. In this way, the partnership is revolutionizing the banking and payments relationships for corporations and optimizing the user journey for corporate employees.
It offers new powerful tools for bank’s corporate clients to give full control, overview and a seamless experience of card management, expense reconciliation and VAT reclaim in real-time.

FIS is a leader in technology and services that help businesses and communities thrive by advancing commerce and the financial world. The global processing platform, Payments One, processes more than $9 trillion in payments worldwide annually, as well as supplies the underlying technology to process payments via many popular channels, from ACH to debit cards to prepaid cards.

Learn more about FIS here

Our white-label platform is currently in the market with SEB/Eurocard in the four Nordic countries. Servicing corporate customers from small and medium sized companies to larger enterprises.

Together, we are offering new and existing Eurocard customers a full digital expense management and a VAT reclaim solution. The mobile and web portal front-end is operated in SEB/Eurocard’s brand and directly connected to Eurocard’s processing infrastructure and back-end systems. It offers corporations a simple, intuitive and efficient way to digitize expense handling. Integrating directly with the main ERP systems to streamline the accounting process.

The solution is hosted and operated by Cardlay, and assists SEB/Eurocard in the digital sales, onboarding and technical support. In this way, our partnership model enhances the go-to-market approach to deliver faster and efficient solutions.
SEB/Eurocard is the market leader of commercial credit cards in the Nordics and they service over 1 million commercial cards.

Learn more about Eurocard here

Learn more about SEB here

PwC is our trusted partner on our Vattax product, which is a digital self-service solution to reclaim non-domestic VAT in Europe.

Through our partnership with PwC we deliver an integrated digital solution to handle VAT reclaims and go-to-market support for banks and issuers.
The vast majority of companies do not reclaim VAT due to the fact that the application process is time-consuming or companies are simply not aware of VAT rules.

Vattax is an integrated solution to our white-label card management and expense management products. We use advanced OCR and AI technology to enrich, detect and automate most of the transaction data and information required to reclaim.
PwC is one of the world's largest accounting firms and leading VAT reclaim experts. PwC operates in over 150 countries and covers all customer segments from small to global

Learn more about PwC here

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